Gateway Logic has been successfully building custom applications for over 10 years. We specialize in internet, intranet and mobile web systems as well API/Web Service systems. No project is too large or too small. Over the years we have developed a custom suite of development tools and frameworks that we use on all of our projects. These tools allow us to focus directly on your business requirements and spend less time re-inventing the wheel everytime we start a new project. We can produce lots of value with less developers and in less time. We break our projects into one of the three following categories.

  • New Development

    If you can design it we can build it. Our application architects will work with you to completely design a solution from the ground up. We develop using our own version of Agile development. Our resume includes CRM, Scheduling and Manufacturing systems just to name a few.

  • System Conversion

    Time and time again we find companies depending on Excel spreadsheets, Access databases and other combination of MS Office products. Most of these systems where created by a single user to perform a simple task and over time turn into highly complex production level systems delivering great value to the company. As more users gain access and the amount of data starts to add up these systems start to show their vulnerabilities. We specialize in converting these systems into highly stable and scalable multi-user systems. Let us show you how quickly and inexpensively we can leverage the systems you already have.

  • System Expansion / Maintenance

    Do you have a project or a system that does not have the support it needs. We have no problem picking up were another developer of team left off. Most development teams want to scrap everything and start over but a lot of times that's not necessary. We will come in and do a full analysis of what you have and we will try to salvage as much as we can. We will get your project back online or modify your current system to stay on track with your business.